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Monday, October 19, 2020

Get 50 thousand in exchange of Rs 10, know how

Get 50 Thousand in Exchange of Rs 10, Know how

Rs 10 Can Make You Rich!


In India people believe in online money transactions. Walking around with cash is neither safe nor do people like to do so. Ever since India became cashless, people have shown less interest in notes. The new 500 and 2 thousand notes are now with everyone, but there are some people who are interested in the old notes. These notes used to run in India many years ago. But after that they were replaced by new notes. But there are many people who still have these old notes. In such a situation, today i am going to tell you how you can become rich through these old notes.


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On you can get 50 thousand for 10 rupee note. The price will depend on the condition of the note. If it is not torn then you will get good money.


At the same time, you can get 13 to 14 thousand rupees in exchange for a black 10 note running in the old times. These notes are in great demand online.


In such a situation, if you have this note, then just go to these sites and register. After this, as soon as you become a seller, put them on the cell with their picture and price.



Off-the-table: Today in India people believe in online money transactions. With Cash.



Often people are fond of keeping old things. Over time the price of these old things increases a lot. Like an old postage stamp or a book. In the same way, old currency notes also reach very high prices. This is due to the scarcity of that note, coin or book. If you have such a thing then you can get the right price. There is an old note of this kind of Indian currency, from which you can get a good amount at this time. Let's know the complete details of that note.


1 note will make rich



1 note will make rich

At this time the new ones of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 are very common. But the value of old notes is more than these. Not all notes, but there are some notes that can make you rich. The 10 rupee note that we are talking about used to run in India many years ago. If you have this old note, then your Diwali will be great.


Now new notes have come

Now new notes have come

For your information, let us tell you that many such notes used to run in British India, which may not even be known to anyone now. Over time, new notes came into play. The note we are talking about has an Ashoka Pillar on one side. This note of the 3-faced lion is now rare. But this note can shine your luck.


Whose signature is

Whose signature is

This rare note bears the signature of CD Deshmukh, the first Indian to be appointed by the British Raj as Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in 1943. This note was printed in the first edition. This old note of 10 rupees has Ashoka Pillar on one side and a boat on the other side. The important thing is that this note has 10 Rupees written in English on both sides.


How much will you get for this 1 note



How much will you get for this 1 note

If you have this old note of Rs 10, then you can get Rs 20-25 thousand instead. The good thing is that you can sell this note online at home. Let us know that these notes can be sold at a good price from home at IndiaMart, ShopClues and Marudhar Arts. These notes will also get great price on these platforms.


25 thousand rupees to be found here

25 thousand rupees to be found here

Apart from the websites mentioned above, this note can also be sold on Coinbazaar. Here you can get 25 thousand rupees in exchange for this note. But keep in mind that the note is in the right condition, because this will determine the price of the note.


This note can also be earned

This note can also be earned

Apart from the note we have mentioned, a black 10 rupee note can also be sold at a good price. You will get 13-14 thousand rupees in exchange for this black color old note. Please tell that it is easy to sell these notes online because they are in great demand. All you have to do is register on these sites and earn money by selling notes. After registration, you have to write the photo and price of the note and put it on the cell.




If it is an old coin of 1 rupee, then you will get 25 lakh rupees, you will have to do this work


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Relief: Rupee strengthened by 3 paise against dollar


1 lakh note will be issued in this country, but only 2 kg potatoes will be available with this much money


Relief: Rupee opens 4 paise stronger against dollar


Kilo prices are sold here, money seems to be the market


Relief: Rupee opens 3 paise stronger against dollar


New notes of 10 rupees will be discontinued, order from central government


RBI issues new 10 rupee note, see the features


New note of 10 rupees will come soon, know about the feature of new note


Shock: Rupee opened 4 paise weaker against dollar today


Rupee opened 2 paise stronger against dollar on Thursday


Today, the rupee opened weaker by 2 paise against the dollar.


Shock: Rupee opens 13 paise weaker against dollar today

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