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Omicorn medicine found : All Details

  Omicorn medicine found : All Details   As the world worries that the omicron coronavirus variant may cause a surge of cases and weaken vaccines, drug developers have some encouraging news: Two new COVID-19 pills are coming soon, and are expected to work against all versions of the virus. Omicorn medicine found : All Details   Omicorn medicine found : All Details The Food and Drug Administration is expected to soon authorize a pill made by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, called molnupiravir, which reduces the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 by 30% if taken within five days of the onset of symptoms.   Another antiviral pill, developed by Pfizer, may perform even better. An interim analysis showed that the drug was 85% effective when taken within five days of the start of symptoms. The FDA could authorize it by year’s end.   Since the start of the pandemic, scientists have hoped for convenient options like these: pills that could be prescribed by




ACADEMY (IPCA) widely accepted renowned professional training institution in
India. The institute is established under S.R. Act of 1860 with a view to
provide & promote professional Skill Development Training programmes in
some unique fields. Specially JOBS FOR FRESHER


IPCA becomes a Centre of excellence in the field of professional education including many other Skill development training programmers. Here we are trying to transform the educational industry by setting professional standards in educational innovation with the latest technological advancement in the field.


INDIAN PROFESSIONAL COURSE ACADEMY (IPCA) Specializes in job oriented training and focuses on preparing candidates as per Industry Needs.


INDIAN PROFESSIONAL COURSE ACADEMY (IPCA) is a national recruitment and employment provide Institution based in New Delhi. IPCA was established in 1995. Our team offers high quality services to provide the best outcomes in the recruitment and employment


   The purpose of  IPCA  is to equip the students with the most professional proficiency, so that they can develop fully as a complete professional  workforce. Our course modules have been scientifically designed and systematically updated to conform to changing standard year after year. We are imparting our programmes in such a way that after completion of the course students will be able to face any kind of stiff competition and they themselves will be confident to grab a job in their relevant fields.


IPCA has introduced fully professional job oriented lots of unique courses to fulfill the hopes & expectations of the student community of India.


Infact IPCA has attained a prestigious position in the academic sector. For the last 15+years IPCA has successfully been pursuing the challenging task of maintaining the highest education standards with a strong presence in the northeast.


We would also like to highlight that IPCA is a national award winner, internationally accredited ISO 9001 : 2015 certified institution which has innovative/ updated unique teaching procedures along with a positive educational environment centered on student’s satisfaction, professional achievement and continuous learning.


Finally IPCA is a platform in India having all kinds of necessary infrastructure to fulfill the needs of professional education in N.E. as well as other parts of the country.


Our only mission is to guide the students to their professional goals of a bright and secured career.


The Institution is situated in the heart of Delhi city in Daryaganj  Road & is easily approachable by city buses and other forms of public conveyance. As a part of our expansion Programmed we are opening branches in various major towns of Bihar, UP & North East.





Delhi city  Daryaganj =01

E-mail : [email protected]


Our Online Two month Courses are:


HR Assistant

Office Assistant


Housekeeping Supervisor

SAP Operator

Store Keeper

Computer Operator

Store Assistant

Store Supervisor

Time Keeper

Log Book Keeper

Content Writer



Job Guarantee Process:

A personal mentor will be assigned to each candidate after the completion of 50% of the course assignments who will provide guidance related to the specific candidate’s portfolio/resume and in interview preparation, mock interviews.

Under the mentor’s guidance, each candidate has to work on at least two capstone projects to build a strong portfolio.

After the completion of the Applied AI course including all the assignments (within the validity period), a candidate gets eligible for our Job guarantee program wherein we forward his/her portfolio to the companies we have good connections with(Startups to Fortune-500 Companies) which purely depends on the strength of the specific candidate’s portfolio.


Dear Students,

I like to convey my greatest pleasure to welcome you as a newcomer to this institute. IPCA has been dedicating itself to the people of India to impart education in Professional and skill training.


 With the advent of highly sophisticated Engineering/ Management/ Information systems in modern times there is a need of trained & skilled technical professionals in various fields. There is an acute shortage of skilled professionals in our country. Though there is quite a substantial number of Engineering/ Management/ Polytechnic Colleges in our country but that is not sufficient to meet the challenges of 21th century. Looking upon the need for the right kind of professional Institute in India we have started various skill training programmes.


To  encourage & utilize the talented brains in the right direction IPCA facilitates the youth in acquiring various Degrees/ Diploma in diversified fields under one umbrella. IPCA is associated with various organisations, Autonomous bodies for conducting various professional courses.


Finally, we expect full cooperation from our students, guardians & public for fulfilling our dreams to impart quality education.


Thanking Your







Candidates willing to take admission are required to complete the Application Form along with attested documents within the stipulated time period.



There is a special admission provision for meritorious students. Please go through the prospectus thoroughly before taking admission into the College as because fees & other charges once paid neither refundable nor adjustable.


Enclosures: Following attested testimonials have to be submitted at the time of admission-


Relevant pass certificates/ mark sheets.

H.S.L.C. Certificate/ Admit card for verification of age.

Caste certificate if applicable.

2 copies of passport size photographs.

Pan Card / Voter id Card.



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