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Thursday, September 10, 2020

FAUG Game Download

FAUG Game Download


FAUG is coming to India instead of PUBG

Akshay Kumar's new announcement, FAUG is coming to India instead of PUBG. Although China is virtually upset with the decision taken by the Center. However, it is believed that as a result of this decision, India again took several steps against China. But the good news is, a local game is going to come so that everyone does not have to be disappointed.

The name of that game is 'Fauji'. However, more than 100 apps have been banned by the center, not just PubG. However, it is thought that the game lovers will be happy enough to bring this game on behalf of the center. However, this game is being brought on the initiative of popular actor Akshay Kumar.

It is known that a company from Bangalore is going to bring this game. 20% of the income from this game will be donated to a Indian Trust. The trust was formed after the Pulwama incident. This game is being brought as part of a self-reliant project.

According to Akshay Kumar, games are a very important issue for the younger generation. And this game will give them a wonderful feeling. As well as help them to learn about the Indian Army and their self-sacrifice. This will attract youngsters to play this game.

Based on the information available so far, it is known that this game is being made based on the battles of other countries with the Indian army. The teaser of this game has already come out. It is expected that this game will be brought to the Play Store soon. It is also understood that many people have become interested in this game in the hope of a dependent India project.

Narendra Modi government banned 118 apps, including PUBG and several VPNs. TIKTOK has been banned in India for a long time, but what will people play with now? Where millions of people used to play pubji, they now have their hands on their heads. Ways to pass the time? It is to be noted that China is in a new conflict with India in Ladakh. And in this situation, the 'digital strike' started again on the part of India. The current Indian government initially banned 59 Chinese apps, again banning 48 Chinese apps.

If a popular gaming app like PUBG is banned, at least millions of users in this country will enjoy the game. This is where bollywood actor Akshay Kumar set the shelf.

Akshay Kumar is ready to create a multiplayer action game called FAU-G. Akshay is involved in the development of this new game keeping in mind the self-reliant project of the Prime Minister. He said that he is proud of himself in presenting action games, and through this game, players will also learn about the abandonment of our troops

FauG Game Release Date !

FauG Game Released Date will be told I.

All Details of Fau-G Game Covered in this Article

FauG Game Features

Reason to Launch FauG Game

PubG vs FauG Game

Benefits of FauG

FauG Game apk Download link

FauG game / fauji game company name

FauG Game Launch Date

FauG Game First Map Reaveled

FauG Game Size

What is FaU-G?

FauG Game is an upcoming online multiple Players shooting Based Game. As per the Rumors on internet, FauG Game will be on the theme of Indian Army. It is expected that FauG Game Graphics will be ultra high same like PubG.

It is expected that in FauG game we can get mission same like our Army gets which combat against the terrorist and other dangerous situation. Or this game can be exactly the same like pubg, Means we will have to survive on a island.

But island may have India native places. FAUG GAME may also provide different modes. We can get many options in FauG like we would have to fight against other countries terrorist. Or we could get the option to play this game offline with interesting story.

FauG Game Features

In FauG Game we will see many new features like small size apk.This will help gamer to run game smoothly.

FauG game can run smoothly in low end device with 2 GB RAM.
 This is good for all gamers who does not have highly budget Smart phone.

FauG will come with the difference graphic options. For high end device it will provide a game play on ultra high graphics.
And FauG game Graphics will lead it to complete with existing games in market.

FauG game Server will be in India, that will help gamer to experience a lag free FauG Game gameplay.

In pubg and many other battle royal games we have to compromise with leggy game play. But our Indian developer will solve this issue.

FauG Game will never have a fear of ban. Because it is made in India. So Indian government will not have any issue wills this game.

As you know PubG is banned in India. And many gamers in India had invested a lot of money on their PubG id to buy Monthly Royal Pass. Gamer also have purchased gun skins, news dress in game.

 Before PubG ban lots of Indian gamers might have purchase UC in advance for news events. But we all know that their money and time have wasted now. But FauG game will not have this issue.

FauG Game will help us to know about the situation of Indian army in wars. As we discussed above that this game will be on Indian army theme. So FauG game will give you a golden opportunity to explore the real time experience of the same strategy like Indian army officer.

You will feel fear, you will get emotional situation when in Game play mission you have go away from your family. You will also feel Josh and feel Proud to be an Indian FauG.

FauG Game Facts

Fau G Game is being developed by Indian developers. This FauG Game is first ever game to be announced by any Indian Bollywood Super Star. FauG Game will be promoted under Akshay kumar mentorship.

It has been cleared by the developing company that 20 percent of faug Revenue will be donated to Bharat key veer Trust. Means money will help our Indian army. This is also the first time in Indian History when a game is doing a help Indian Army.

FauG Game Size For Android mobile

FauG Game Size will play a crucial role in its Success. Because in India still there are lots of gamer don't have high Ram Smart phone. So FauG Game Size should be compatible for low end device.

FauG Game Size: 500 Mb to 1GB.

Yes approximately 500 Mb to 1Gb can be FauG Game Size For Android mobile. But FauG Size Can be increased with regular FauG Game updates.

When Will FauG Game Release Date Announce

When is Faug game Launching 

Fauji Game release Date

By a tweet, Fau-G game developing Company announced only that they are Launching a game.But they did not mention a precise date of FauG game launch date. But from internet trusted websites we got some leaks about FauG game release Date. / Fauji game Release date

FauG Game Release Date and Size

It is expected that FAUG game launching date will be October End.
Fau-G release Date will be informed to you on our website.

Can FauG beat Pubg ?

Pubg was first launched in Pc in 2017. After its launching it make so many sell records in very shots time. But after coming in Mobile Version Pubg Mobile, it hit a new benchmark in gaming field. And gamers found it very engaging and thriller by its game play and its map.

On the other hand, Fau-G game developer are looking excited on this game and assuring us to provide a quality Experience on gaming.

But for now it is next to impossible to predict that “can Fau-G beat Pubg. Because we don't have any clue about Fau-G game play. So it is not possible for us to choose winner.

Reason of FauG Game Launch

As you all know Pubg has a direct connection with China. And Pub-G was doubted to share our sensitive information to Chinese government. Therefore, Indian Government decided to take hard decision against PubG. And now Pub-G is banned in India.

But on the other hand, Pub-G has bring evaluation in indian gaming industry. From the children to young generation of india was spending most of the time in playing Pubg.

Why Pm Modi want to make Indian Games

In recent podcast of 'Mann ki baat' Pm Narendra modi encouraged Indian Developers to make games based on indian historical theme. Because PM modi has realized that it is the right time to make india stronger in gaming industry.

So the main reasons to launce the Fau G game is to make india self dependent in Gaming and Apps development field.

Benefits of Playing FauG game

As we already have discussed that games like Pubg are stealing our sensitive information and sending it to chinese government. It means games like Pubg is Dangerous for us same as a nuclear Bomb. Because chinese government can misuse our data against us.

But unlikely Pubg, FauG is an Indian game. So we don't need to worry about our information. Because in FauG Game our data will be stored on Indian based server. And Indian government IT field team may always keep an eye on our data to make it secure.

Beneficial to Indian GDP growth

As we all know multiple players battle Royale game has a huge fan following in Indian. Games like Pubg, Free fire and Cod: Call of duty are generating a huge amount of money from India by selling monthly gaming pass in their games.

But it is very bad for India in the point of economy. Because Indian gamers are  sending Indian money is to other countries unintentionally.

But After FauG Game launch indian money will not go to other countries' pocket. It will help remain in india and will help to Indian GDP.

New Era of Indian Games Development

If Fau-G gets success to make a good impact on indian gamer who are in deep pain and mourning of Pubg Ban.

Then it will be new journey for indian Gaming Industry. And indian Developers will start developing more games, which will help india to become independent in Gaming making Field.

FauG  game company name / ncore games rovio
Fau-G game is developed by Bengaluru based nCore. The full form of FuaG is  " Fearless and United: Guards " a multiplayer shooting game.

Among speculations of the timing of the announcement, we now see Vishal Gondal clarified that FAU-G Game is not an alternative to PUB-G Game  because team our had been working on Faug since May-June 2020.

FauG Game Graphic Revealed

But For now Pubg is the winner according to me. After launch of FauG, it will depend on the gaming experience of Fau-G Game.

If Fau-G Game provide us exactly the same and engaging Gaming Thriller like PubG, then there is rare for FauG Game to capture the Indian market.

When will be FAUG Game Map Raveled?

FAU-G Game Map will play crucial role in Its success. In FauG game Map player will do all the activities. so it will not be a easy job for FAG-G game Developers. While designing Fag G Game Map they have to keep PubG in their mind and find out the reason behind its success reason.

How will be the FAUG Game map / first map of faug Game / faug game map image

FAU G Game map could be same like some of the India Existing Real Players. Real Places of Fau-G will lead it to success, because it will be a different kind of Gaming experience for Indian Gamers to play in a map based Indian Real Places.

Indian gamers will relate to Indian Real place in Fau-G game Map. And they will enjoy to exploring it.

FAUG Game Developers can add existing jungles and Borders in FauG Map.

We will share all new updates regarding FaUG Game like it's release date, FauU Guns and all feature of it.

Why should we play FauG game

We have explained all the real information about FAU G game. And now it is your time to take decision.

As an Indian we should think of our Nation. You can participate in the mission of making India Independent
In Gaming and apps developing industry.

If you play FauG game with the passion like you play PubG then it will be great inspiration to Indian Developers. And then more developer will step in to the gaming developing field, which will be good for us. Because we get more games to play without having fear of Ban on Our Favorite Games.

nCore is a mobile games developing and interactive entertainment company. More is based out of Bangalore, India. More create and publish category-defining mobile games for the Indian gaming market.

More mainly develop multi-player games based on immersive storylines which can strong connect with Indian ethos. Ncore also bring to India and publish games from top and best global studios for the Indian gaming market.

Questions on FauG game:

Is FauG Battle Royale Game
For now it hard so say anything about " is FauG Battle Royal Game ". But the way PubG Attracted gamer by it's battle Royal mode, there is maximum changes of FauG  Battle Royal Game.

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