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Wednesday, January 8, 2020



CAA, the Citizenship Amendment Act.

NRC, National Register of Citizens.

CAB, Citizenship Amendment Bill.

CAA, NRC, CAB are ongoing Protests.  CAA was enacted into law on 12 December 2019, and against proposal to enact a nationwide (NRC) National Register of Citizens. The Protest began in Assam, Delhi, Meghalaya, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh on 04 December 2019. In a few days the Protest spread all over India.

The Amendment Benefits:

Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian and Parsi refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh who sought refuge in India before 2015, the Amendment leaves out Muslims and others from these countries, as well as Tamil refuges from Srilanka, Rohingyas from Myanmar and Buddhist refuges from Tibet. NRC has already been carried out of the state of Assam.

Protesters in Assam and other northeastern states do not want Indian Citizenship to be any refugee or immigrant resulting in a loss of their political rights, culture and land.
In other parts of India, protesters see the new law as discriminating against Muslims and as unconstitutional.


The protests have resulted in thousands of arrests, 27 Deaths, 175 Injuries, two 17 years old minors killed due to Police firing.

CAA, NRC, CAB Supported By:

Bharatiya Janta Party

Timeline of the Protests

December 02.12.2019
The Union Cabinet clears the (CAB) Citizenship Amendment Bill for introduction in Parliament.
After the Bill cleared Protests started in Assam, Guwahati and other areas in the state.

December 09.12.2019:
The Bill is introduced by Home Minister Amit Shah.

December 10.12.2019:
The Bill is passed with 311 members

December 11.12.2019:
The Bill is passed by Rajya Sabha with 125 votes in favor and 105 votes against it.

December 12.12.2019:
Dipanjal Das and Sam Stafford die due to police firing during a protest in Guwahati.
Akhil Gogoi is taken in a preventive custody.

December 13.12.2019:
The UK, USA,FRANCE,ISRAEL and CANADA isuued travel warnings for people visiting India.

December 14.12.2019:
Ishwar Nayak dies due to Police firing on the protests (Assam)
Thousands of People protest against the law in New Delhi, Jantar Mantar.

December 15.12.2019:
Abdul Alim dies in Assam due to Police firing.
Police forcefully enter the campus of Jamia Milia Islamia University and detain students.
Protests in Aligarh Muslim University, Police attack the students.
Five trains are set on fire by the protestors in West Bengal.

December 16.12.2019:
Police prevents 300 students of Nadwa University
Priyanka Gandhi leads a silent Protest at the India Gate.
AASU organize Satyagraha till December 18.
PM Modi Appeals for calm on Twiter and clarifies that CAA is for immigrants. 

December 17.12.2019: 
Violent clashes in Delhi. A Police station is set on fire and buses are vandalized in the Area.

December 18.12.2019:
Supreme Court hears 60 petitions challenging the act and decline to stay implementation of CAA. 22 January 2020 is set as next date of hearing of the act.

December 19.12.2019:
3 protestors died in police firing, from Mangalore and Lucknow.
Access of internet is shut down in certain areas.
Protests in Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Mangalore etc.

December 20.12.2019:
6 Protestors  are killed in separate police fiaring.

December 21.12.2019:
18 years old Amir Hanzla is beaten to death by Hindu Extremists for his role in the protests.
Protests in Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Maharashtra and Delhi.

December 22.12.2019:
The Karnataka government announces 10 Lakh each to the families of the two men killed in violent protest.

December 23.12.2019:
 Protests in Bangalore, Assam, West Bengal

December 24.12.2019:
1200 students organized a candle march inside Aligarh Muslim University.

December 26.12.2019:
In UP Govt send notice to 26 people for damaging property.

December 27.12.2019:
Protests in Delhi.

December 28.12.2019:
In Meerut UP, Police demands 40 lakh for damages

December 29.12.2019:
Protests in Delhi, UP

December 30.12.2019:
Protests in Delhi

December 31.12.2019:
Protests in Delhi, Bihar, UP

December 01.01.2020:
Protests in Delhi, Bihar, UP

December 02.01.2020:
Protests in Delhi, Bihar, UP

December 03.01.2020:
Protests in Delhi, Bihar, UP

December 04.01.2020:
More than 10000 protestors attend the protest march named “Million March” against CAB in Hyderabad.

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