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Saturday, December 21, 2019


                                   M C Q HISTORY GK

1.   In Which movement Dandi March is famous?
a.   Water
b.   Sugar
c.    Salt
d.   Milk
    Ans: © Salt


2.   Name the first woman who to ruled India.
a.   Rani Laxmibai
b.   Razia Sultana
c.    Jijabai
d.   Chandbibi
    Ans:(b) Razia Sultana

3.   The Revolt of 1857 was start by—
a.   Bhagat Singh
b.   Mangal Pandey
c.    Khudiram Bose
d.   Sukhram
   Ans:(b) Mangal Pandey

4.   The real name of Mumtaj Mahal was—
a.   Razia Bano
b.   Mumtaz Bano
c.    Anjuma Bano
d.   Begam Bano
Ans: © Anjuma Bano

5.   Where is the tomb of Sher Shah Sri situated?
a.   Agra
b.   Sahasram
c.    Lahore
d.   Rohta
Ans: (b) Sahasram

6.   Gautam Buddha was born in—
a.   Lumbini
b.   Gaya
c.    Samath
d.   Kapilvastu
Ans: (a) Lumbini

7.   Aryabhatt was also known as a –
a.   Mathematician
b.   Scientist
c.    Astrologer
d.   Poet
Ans: Mathematician

8.   Taj Mahal was built by –
a.   Aurangajeb
b.   Humayun
c.    Shah Jahan
d.   Akbar   
Ans: © Shah Jahan

9.   The Jalianwala Bagh mass care of 1919 occurred at—
a.   Amritsar
b.   Nagpur
c.    Kolkata
d.   Chandigarh
Ans: (a) Amritsar

10.  The Guru of Kavir was—
a.   Namadeva
b.   Ramanuj
c.    Ramananda
d.   Vallabhcharya
Ans: (a) Ramanada

11.    Name the Hindu king shown playing on the veena on ancient coins.
a.   Shivaj
b.   Samudragupta
c.    Vikramaditya
d.   Ashoka
Ans: (b) Samudra Gupta

12.   Which Year Hitler becomes the chancellor of Germany?
a.   1924 AD
b.   1933 AD
c.    1939 AD
d.   1945 AD
Ans: (b) 1933 AD

13.   Who was the founder of the first historical empire in India?
a.   Harshavardana
b.   Asoka the great
c.    Chandra Gupta Murya
d.   None of these
Ans: (a) Harshavardana

14.   In which Veda Gayatri mantra is contained?
a.   Arthaveda
b.   Rigveda
c.    Samveda
d.   None of these
Ans: © Rigveda

15.   Christianity was introduced in India by
a.   S.T. Thomas
b.   S.T.Paul
c.    S.T.Peter
d.    None of these
Ans: S.T.Thomas

16.  Name the first person to Sail around the world
a.   Magellan
b.   Vasco Da Gama
c.    Amundsen
d.   Mihir Sen
Ans: Magellan

17.   Where are Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa located?
a.   Afghanistan
b.   Pakistan
c.    Bangladesh
d.   India
Ans: (b) Pakistan

18.The founder of Jainism was—
a.   Nirvana
b.   Gautama
c.    Tirthankara
d.   Rishava
Ans: (d) Rishava

19.  By what name Delhi was known in the olden days?
a.   Gaya
b.   Indraprashasta
c.    Ajodhya
d.   Pataliputra
Ans: (b) Indraprashasta

20.  Who was an Indian Napoleon?
a.   Chandra Gupta ll
b.   Skanda Gupta
c.    Chandra Gupta l
d.   Samudra Gupta

21.  Between whom was the first battle of Panipat fought in 1526?
a.   Ibrahim Lodi & Babur
b.   Rana & Babur
c.    Sher Shah & Babur
d.   Mahmud Lodi & Babur
Ans: (a) Ibrahim Lodi & Babur

22.  On the bank of which river Taj Mohall is situated?
a.   Sind
b.   Yamuna
c.    Tapti
d.   Ganges
Ans: (b) Yamuna

23.  In which state Magadha is situated?
a.   Bihar
b.   Madhya Pradesh
c.    West Bengal
d.   U.P
Ans: (a) Bihar

24.  Shankaracharya was a—
a.   Vedantist
b.   Vaishnavite
c.    Buddhist
d.   None of these
Ans: (a) Vedantist

25. By whom the Foundation of Qutub Minar at Delhi was laid?
a.   Qutub-Ud-Din-Aibek
b.   Mohammad Ghori
c.    Iltumish
d.   None of these
a.    To plunder his wealth
Ans: (a) Qutub-Ud-Din-Aibek

26.     Porus attacked Alexander to—
b.   To increase his territories
c.    To win his friendship
d.   To plunder his wealth
e.   To win his Kingdom
  Ans: (c) To plunder his wealth

MCQ GK HISTORY By Jahanara Khatun

                   M C Q GK U.NO.

1. In which year the league of Nation was established?
a. 1945
b. 1946
d. 1932
Ans: © 1920

2. The main source for finance of U.N.O is –
a. U.S.A
b. France
c. Russia
d. Rome
Ans: a. U.S.A

3. The emblem of U.N.O is—
a. Apple
b. Dove
c. Olive Branch
d. Maple Leaf
Ans: c. Olive Branch

4. In which year did U.N.O come into existence?
a. 1945
b. 1920
c. 1930
d. 1947
Ans a. 1945

5. Where is the Head quarter of U.N.O?
a. Geneva
b. London
d. Paris
Ans d. Paris

6. From the given list name the country which is not a member of U.N.O?
a. Burma
b. Norway
c. India
d. Taiwan
Ans: d. Taiwan

7. Which of the following is not an organ of the U.N.O?
c. IMF
d. All of the above
Ans: d. All of the above

8. Out of the following which is not the official language of U.N.O?
a. French
b. Arabic
c. Italian
d. English
Ans: c. Italian

9. Where is the Head quarter of the International court of Justice located?
a. Japan
b. Netherland
c. France
d. Italy
Ans: b. Netherland

10. The U.N. charter was ratified in 1945 by—
a. 22 Nations
b. 25 Nations
c. 35 Nations
d. 51 Nations
Ans: d. 51 Nations

11. In which year India becomes a member of U. N.?
a. 1942
b. 1945
c. 1949
d. 1950
Ans: b. 1945

12. Which of the following U.N. agencies has its headquarters in Paris?
a. ILO
b. FAO
Ans: c. UNESCO

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