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Friday, October 4, 2019

Assam GK Assam State MCQ

Assam GK Assam State MCQ

1.How many seats are win by Bharatiya Janata Party in 2019 Lok Sabha Election.

A. 7 
B. 8
C. 9 
D. 10
Answer: -C. 9

2. The first sitting of Assam legislative assembly was held on

A. 7th April 1937
B. 14th April 1938
C. 4th January 1939
D. 15th September 1938
Answer:- A.  7th April 1937

3. Which Candidate wins by highest number of vote difference margin in 2019 Lok Sabha Election

A. Queen Ojha 
B. Tapan Kr Gogoi 
C. Rameswar Teli 
D. Horen Singh Bey.
Answer: - C. Rameswar Teli

4. Jagdish Mukhi is the ______ th Governor of Assam

A. 24 
B. 25
 C. 27 
D. 26
Answer: - D. 26

5. During Indian Independence, how many districts Assam had.

A.  11
 B. 12 
C. 13 
D.  14
Answer: - C. 13

6. The ancient city Bengmara is presently known as

A. Sadiya 
B. Tinsukia
C. Diphu
D. Dibrugarh
Answer: - B. Tinsukia

7. Madhavdev was born in

A.  1489
B. 1493
C. 1462
D. 1439
Answer: - A. 1489

8. Which King of varman dynasty was contemporary with Samudragupta of Gupta dynasty?

A. Bhaskar Varman
B. Pushya Varman
C. Samudra Varman
D. None of them
Answer:-  B. Pushya Varman.

9. The capital of Koch Kingdom was at

A. Kamatapur
B. Kuch Behar
C. Kamrupnagar 
D. None of these
Answer:- B. Kuch Behar.

10. Who was the First king of the Koch dynasty?

A. Biswa Singha 
B. Pran Narayan 
C. Prithvinarayan 
D. Naranarayana.
Answer:- A. Biswa Singha.

11.  What was the name of the Koch king who rebuilt the Kamakhya Temple?

A. Mohandra Narayan 
B. Naranarayan 
C.Biswa Singha 
D. Balinarayan
Answer:- B. Naranarayan.

12. What was the first Assamese daily newspaper?

A. Arunodoi 
B. Natun Asomiya 
C.Assam Bandhu 
D. Dainik Batori
Answer:- D. Dainik Batori

13. Who was the earliest king of Pragjyotisha?

C.Mahiranga Danava 
D.None of these
Answer:- C. Mahiranga Danava.

14. Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of the Guwahati University?

A. Krishna Kanta Handique 
B.Banikanta Kakati 
C. Surya Kr. Bhuyan 
D.Kaliram Medhi.
Answer:- A. Krishna Kanta Handique 

15. Sonitpur was the capital of

A. Bhagadatta 
D. King Bana.
Answer:- D. King Bana

16. In which year Jorhat was founded?

A. 1818 
C. 1884 
Answer:-C. 1884

17. Temple of Jayasagar was built by

A. Godadhar Singha 
B.Rudra Singha 
C.Pratap Singha 
D. Sudangpha
Answer:- B. Rudra Singha

18. Who was the first principal of Cotton college?

A. Frederick William Sudemerson 
B.Miles Branson 
C. Nathan Brown. 
D.William Cotton
Answer:-  A. Frederick William Sudemerson 

19. In which year Gandhiji first visited in Assam?

A. 1826 
B. 1845 
 D. 1840
Answer:- C. 1921

20. When did Ahoms entered in the Brahmaputra Valley?

A.  1228
AD  B. 1225 A.D 
C.1128 A.D 
D.1228 A.D
Answer:-D. 1228 A.D

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