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All about Assam

All about Assam



Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk. The state is bordered by Bhutan & Arunachal Pradesh. Assam is also very famous for one horned rhinos; Assam covers an area of 78438 km. All about Assam.


Brahmaputra and Barak is the main river of Assam.  Assam is a Northeastern state of India and its capital is Dispur.


What is famous in Assam?

Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk. The state was the first site for oil drilling in Asia. Assam is home to the one-horned Indian rhinoceros, along with the wild water buffalo, pygmy hog, tiger and various species of Asiatic birds, and provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant.


What language do they speak in Assam?

Assamese, Bengali.


What is the old name of Assam?


Kamarupa, also called Kamrup or Kamata, an ancient Indian state corresponding roughly to what is now the state of Assam, in northeastern India.


What is Assam's famous food?

Here are a few of Assam's most favourite dishes:

Duck Meat Curry (Hanhor Mangkho) 

Maasor Tenga (tangy fish curry) 

Aloo Pitika – Comfort food of Assam!

Xaak aru bhaji (herbs and vegetables)

Ou Tenga – Food of Assam to tingle your taste buds!

Paror Mangxo (Pigeon meat curry) 


Is Assam safe for tourists?

The odds are overwhelmingly in favour of you having a completely safe trip in Assam, but as with everything in life there no guarantees. If you want to worry, worry about traffic. Much more dangerous. ... and yes, the traffic is an adventure too!


Who came first in Assam?

The Ahom dynasty was established by Sukaphaa, a Shan prince of Mong Mao who came to Assam after crossing the Patkai Mountains. It is between the 13th and 19th century that several tribal communities also came into the historical forefront of Assam.



What is the famous fruit of Assam?

Major Fruit crops of the state – Banana, Pine apple, papaya, Assam lemon, Orange, Guava, Litchi, Jackfruit and Mango.



What can I buy from Assam?

Famous Things to Buy in Guwahati – Unique Souvenirs Ideas

Tea Leaves. Assam Tea is well-known in India and across the whole world.

Assam Silk, HandicraftPickles, Singing Bowls, HandMade Toys, Jaapi & Wooden Rhino Statue, Assamese Traditional Jewelry.



Who is the father of Assamese language?

Baikunthanatha Bhagavata Bhattacharya

Bhattadeva (1558–1638)(অসমীয়া: বৈকুণ্ঠনাথ ভাগৱত ভট্টাচাৰ্য), (Baikunthanath Bhagavata Bhattacharya) is acknowledged as the father of Assamese prose.


How many countries are there in Assam?

Assam, a northeastern state of India, is divided into 34 administrative geographical units called districts. Assam has 34 districts.



Is Assamese derived from Bengali?

Assam was a part of the Bengal province in the British colonial era, and Bengalis are an integral component of the Assamese state, today. For Assam, I can say it is as diverse a state as India is a country. Assamese and Bengali cultures are distinct. One doesn't mirror the other as two are divergent.


Do you know Assamese language?

Assamese is spoken by more than 25 million total speakers. Assamese is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language of Indo-European language family. ... It's also closely related to other Eastern Indo-Aryan languages like Odia, Kosli and Bihari languages.


What is the percentage of Hindu in Assam?

61.47 percent

A study on population composition of Assam reveals that the Hindu population in Assam has declined from 70.78 percent in 1951 to 61.47 percent in 2011



How many Bengali are there in Assam?

As per 2011 census, Bengali speaking population of Assam was 9,024,324, which was about 29% of the total population of Assam and it was the 2nd largest Bengali speaking state in India after West Bengal. About 48.41% of the Bengali speaking people of Assam are Hindu by religion.



How many Assamese are there in Assam?

15.09 million

The total population of Assamese speakers in Assam is nearly 15.09 million which makes up 48.38% of the population of state according to the Language census of 2011



What is Assam citizenship issue?

This act came into effect from 1 March 1950 which mandated expulsion of illegal immigrants from the state of Assam. To identify illegal immigrants, the National Register of Citizens was prepared for the first time in Assam during the conduct of the 1951 Census.



What is Digboi in Assam famous for?

Digboi is known as the Oil City of Assam where the first oil well in Asia was drilled. The first refinery was started here as early as 1901. Digboi has the oldest oil well in operation.



Was Assam a part of India?

Assam became a constituent state of India in 1950. In 1961 and 1962 Chinese armed forces, disputing the McMahon Line as the boundary between India and Tibet, occupied part of the North East Frontier Agency (now Arunachal Pradesh but then part of Assam).



Is Assam part of Bangladesh?

The partition of 1905 created a precedent for the partition of British India. The British partitioned Bengal and Assam again in 1947, making Muslim-majority districts a part of the Dominion of Pakistan. Later renamed East Pakistan, the region gained independence as the country of Bangladesh in 1971.



What is the other name of Assam?

In the mythical past, our land was known as 'Pragjyotishpur' during the Ramayana age while during the later Mahabharata age, our land was known as 'Kamrup'. Today we have two names: the official English name ASSAM and the Assamese local name OXOM.



What is the dress of Assam?

Traditional Dress of Assam

The Assamese adorn very simple dresses, and mostly hand-loomed. The women wear motif-rich Mekhela Chador or Riha- Mekhela. The men wear 'suria' or 'dhoti', and over it, they drape a chadar known as 'Seleng'. Gamosa is an indispensable part of almost all socio-religious ceremonies in Assam.



Which is the famous festival of Assam?


Bihu. Bihu is the most important festival of Assam.



Which is the best time to visit Assam?

The best time to visit Assam is in winter or summer when the weather is enjoyable. Winters are cold but pleasant, and summers are delightfully refreshing. Steer clear of the monsoon though, as the region experiences heavy rainfall during those months and it is not the best season to visit Assam.



Which sweet is famous in Assam?

Top Famous Desserts Of Assam

1 Bora Chaulor Payas. This dessert is delicious. ...

2 Komolar Kheer. Komolar or Orange Kheer is a classic Assamese dessert.

3 Narikol Pitha. This is one of the sweet delicacies in Assamese cuisine.

4 Xutuli Pitha.

5 Goroor Payash.

6 Qubani Ka Meetha.

7 Rava Ladoo. 

8 Tekeli Pitha.



Is Sikkim better or Shillong?

Meghalaya / Shillong. I think climate wise Sikkim is better. As there is always a possibility of rain in Meghalaya during that time. But if you can handle the rain Meghalaya is a more beautiful option.



Is Guwahati safe at night?

No problem, you can travel safely through Guwahati at night. Avoid the Mangaldai route (north of Brahmaputra) at night, better to travel via Nagaon highway to Tezpur.



Who is the owner of News Live Assam?

Rinki Bhuyan Sarma

The Founder Chairperson of the company that runs the channel is Rinki Bhuyan Sarma, the wife of Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Minister in the Assam BJP government.



How far is Guwahati from Shillong?

99 Kms

Distance Between Guwahati to Shillong

Distance between Guwahati to Shillong by Road is         99 Kms

Distance between Guwahati to Shillong by Flight is        65 Kms

Travel Time from Guwahati to Shillong by Road is          

1:57 hrs



Which religion is the majority in Assam?


Assam Religion Census 2011

As per census 2011, Hindu are majority in Assam state. Hinduism constitutes 61.47% of Assam population. In all Hindu forms the majority religion in 18 out of 27 districts of Assam state. The data for 2019 & 2020 is under process and will be updated in a few weeks.



How many times did Mughal attack Assam?

I know very little about Lachit Borphukan and the Ahoms who ruled Assam for 600 years defeating the Mughals 17 times soundly in battle,” said 12-year-old Aira Goswami in a letter and video addressed to the Prime Minister that went viral on social media.



Is Assam independent?

Prior to the Independence of India, on 1 April 1946, Assam Province was granted self-rule and on 15 August 1947 it became part of the Dominion of India. Bordoloi continued as the Chief Minister even after India's independence in 1947.


Where did Ahom come from?

Their power in Assam reached its peak during the reign of King Rudra Singh (1696–1714). They originated in the Chinese province of Yunnan and began migrating into Indochina and northern Myanmar (Burma) in the first centuries ad. Their original language is now extinct, and they speak Assamese.



What is good in Guwahati?

Kamakhya Temple – Prominent Shakti Peeth.

Assam State Museum – Explore Assamese culture..

Umananda Temple – Iconic Shiva Temple.

Alfresco Grand – Romantic Retreat.

Nehru Park – Lush Green Ambiance.

Guwahati Planetarium – Children's Delight.

Guwahati Zoo – Vibrant Flora And Fauna.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – Rich Biodiversity



Where can I buy Assam tea in Guwahati?

Still if you happen to be in Guwahati, find below the list of places to buy Assam Tea from:

Jalan's (Tea) 

Assam Tea Traders.

Assam Tea Corner.

M/s.Kamakhya Tea Trading.

Hindusthan Traders.

Amalgamated Plantations Outlet.

Tea Traders & Exporters Assam Private Limited.




Where can I buy Assam silk in Guwahati?

Assam Silk

The Silkalay, Address: Kamala Tower, GS Rd, Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam 781005.

Manju Silk Centre, Address: H.B. Road, Panbazar Opposite Third Eye College, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam 781001.

Assam Silk Emporium.

Pragjyotika Assam Emporium.

Kalpataru The Assam Cooperative Silk House Limited.


Baishya Silk Emporium.



Which product of Assam is famous all over the world?

Tea Ceremony

One of the most famous products of Assam is its excellent quality tea, which is exported all over the world. The state is dotted with tea plantations that you can visit and also stay at.



How can I go to Kamakhya temple from Guwahati?

The distance between Guwahati railway station to Kamakhya Temple is about 8 km. Exit the railway station and cross the foot-over bridge. Walk ahead a bit and you'll find several auto-rickshaws, metered taxis, and buses.


Is Bodo an Assamese?

The Boro (also Bodo; both pronounced [boːɽoː]) is the largest ethnolinguistic group in the Assam state of India. They are a part of the greater Bodo-Kachari family of ethnolinguistic groups and are spread across northeastern India.



Which tribe is largest in Assam?

Of the tribes found in Assam, the largest are the Garo, the Kachari, the Khasi, the Lushai and the Mikir. Of Mongoloid stock, most tribespeople speak a dialect of Tibeto-Burman origin.


What is the name of the first Assamese short story?


Surabhi is the first Assamese short story.



Who wrote Jonaki?

Chandra Kumar Agarwala



How many districts are there in Assam in 2020?


The State of Assam is divided into 33 Administrative Districts. The districts are demarcated on the basis of the features such as the rivers, hills, forests, etc.



Why Assam is called mini India?

The people of Assam inhabit a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious society. ... The large number of ethnic and linguistic groups, the population composition, and the people's process in the state has led to it being called an "India in miniature".



Do you love me in Assamese?

In Assamese “Do you love me?” will be “Tumi Muk Bhal Pua Ne ?” (তুমি মোক ভাল পোৱা নে ?)


Who was the first king of Assam?

Chaolung Sukapha

Chaolung Sukapha ( r . 1228–1268), also Siu-Ka-Pha, the first Ahom king in medieval Assam, was the founder of the Ahom kingdom.



How many Bangladeshi immigrants are in Assam?

Census figures, however, suggest that Bangladeshi immigrants are distributed almost equally between rural and urban India, with the most migrants in West Bengal (1.8 million), Tripura (215,353 million) and Assam (64,116), as per the 2011 census.



What is the new district of Assam?

The five new districts are the following: Biswanath (carved out of Sonitpur); Charaideo (carved out of Sivasagar); Hojai (carved out of Nagaon); South Salmara-Mankachar (carved out of Dhubri); West Karbi Anglong (carved out of Karbi Anglong).



Why is Assam tea famous?

Assam tea is a worldwide famous full-bodied tea with robust flavor produced in the state of Assam in India. It is the largest tea producing area in India, making up to more than 50% of all tea production in the country. Assam's tropical monsoon climate makes a perfect weather environment for tea production.



Is NRC only for Assam?

It has been implemented for the state of Assam starting in 2013–2014. The Government of India plans to implement it for the rest of the country in 2021.



Who found oil in Assam?

R Wilcox

The earliest recorded reference of oil in Assam can be traced to Lieut. R Wilcox of the 46th Regiment Native Infantry who saw it as'"… rising to the surface at Supkhong with great bubbling of gas and green petroleum…' in the book Memoir of a survey of Assam and the Neighboring Countries executed in 1825-6-7-8.



Who founded Assam?


Sukapha was a 13th-century ruler who founded the Ahom kingdom that ruled Assam for six centuries. Contemporary scholars trace his roots to Burma. “Sukapha was a leader of the Ahoms.



What is the old name of Guwahati?


During earlier periods of the city's history it was known as Pragjyotishpura, and was the capital of Assam under the Kamarupa kingdom. Descriptions by Xuanzang (Hiuen Tsang) reveal that during the reign of the Varman king Bhaskar Varman (7th century AD), the city stretched for about 30 li (15 km or 9.3 mi).



How far is Sikkim from Shillong?

415 km

The distance between Shillong and Sikkim is 415 km.



How is life in Guwahati?

Like every other city in the world, there are two sides to Guwahati. There is it's culturalism and diversity to make it a wonderful place to live, but then there is also the cost of living and somewhat depressing artificial flood, lack of a solid waste management policy that can make living there a bit of a trial.



Who defeated Ahom?

general Lachit Borphukan

Within it was installed a stone tablet, mapping the Battle of Saraighat of 1671 in which the Ahoms under their brilliant general Lachit Barphukan had defeated a Mughal army under Amber king Raja Man Singh. Lachit has been an inspiring hero for Assamese for a long time.



Who is the last king of Assam?

Purandar Singha

Purandar Singha (1818–19, 1833–1838) was the last king of Ahom kingdom in Assam.



Why is Guwahati famous?

Guwahati is particularly famous for its Kamakhya temple situated atop the Nilachal hill, at a distance of 10 km from the railway station. ... Atop another hill in east Guwahati is the Navagraha temple-the "temple of the nine planets,"-an ancient seat of astrology and astronomy.



Is Ola or uber available in Guwahati?

With the government relaxing lockdown norms in select zones across the country, Ola and Uber on Monday resumed their operations in Guwahati along with in other green and orange zones across India.



Who is the Assam minister?

Incumbent. Sarbananda Sonowal

The Chief Minister of Assam, an Indian state, is the head of the Government of Assam.



Who invented Assam?

Uddhab Bharali

Uddhab Bharali, (born 7 April 1962) is an Indian inventor from the Lakhimpur district of Assam. Bharali is credited with about 118 innovations, starting from the late 1980s.



How can I go to Guwahati?

By rail: Guwahati Railway Station, which is just 5 km away from the city centre, is one of the prime railheads in Assam. The station is well connected to all major Indian cities via a road rail network. Rajdhani Express, a premium train, takes about 34 hours to reach Guwahati from New Delhi.



Is there Ola in Shillong?

Online cab providers like Savaari, Uber and Ola provide their cab services in Shillong and are a reliable means of transport. Tourists can hire private taxi operators like ola cab, meru cab, savaari taxi service to travel in and around Shillong.


Does Shillong have snow?

Since Shillong does not normally experience snowfall even during winters, you can visit the place during the winter months without bothering about getting stuck in bad weather conditions. The day temperature hovers around 16 degree Celsius, which is a good climate for sightseeing and exploration.




The Districts of Assam are as given below


Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Dhemaji, Charaideo, Charades, Lakhimpur, Majuli, Jorhat, Biswanath , Golaghat, Karbi Anglong, Sonitpur, Nagaon, Hojai, west Dima Hasao, Cachar, Hailakandi, Karimganj, Morigaon, Udalgiri, Darang, Kamrup Metro, Baksa, Nalbar, Kamrup, Barpeta, Chirang, Bongaigaon, Goalpara, Kokhrajhar, Dhubri, South Salmara & Mankachar.




Languages and Religion in Assam

Assamese is the official Language of the state and additional official languages are Bengali and Bodo. Bodo in Bodoland territorial council. Benali in Karimganj, Hailakandi, Lumding , Hojai . Hindi is the third most spoken language in assam.



Religion in Assam

Hinduism 61%            Islam  36%

Christianity 3%           Bhuddhism 0.18%

Jainism 0.7%               Sikhism 0.6%



Universities in Assam


Assam University

Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat

Assam Don Bosco University

Assam Down Town University

Assam Rajiv Gandhi University of Cooperative management, Sivasagar

Assam Science and Technology University , Guwahati

Assam Women's University, Jorhat

Bodoland University, Kokhrajar

Cotton University ,Guwahati

Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh

Guwahati University, Guwahati

Kaziranga University, Jorhat

Krishnakanta Handique State Open University

Royal Global University

Tezpur University

Silchar University



Medical Colleges in Assam

Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh

Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed Medical College, Barpeta

Guwahati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahat

Regional Dental College Guwahati

Silchar Medical College and Silchar Hospital

Tezpur Medical College and Hospital, Tezpur 


Engineering and Technological Colleges in Assam


Indian Institute of Information Technology , Guwahati

National Institute of Technology, Silchar

Assam Engineering College, Guwahati

Assam Science and Technology University

Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar

Barak Valley Engineering College, Karimganj

Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahat.

Golaghat Engineering College, Golaghat



Best Assam Websites are





Assam career 

Assam tourism

Assam people 

Assam map

Assam districts

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বাংলা প্রেরণামূলক ছোট গল্প আমাদের সবার   জীবনে সুখ দুঃখ কষ্ট , বেদনা থাকে , সিনেমার অর্ধনগ্ন নায়িকাদের   ছবি গুলোর জন্য ইন্টারনেট অনুসন্ধান করার পরিবর্তে বাংলা প্রেরণামূলক ছোট গল্প গুলো পড়ুন । যখন জীবন আপনাকে কোনো সমস্যায় ফেলেছে , তখন এই অনুপ্রেরণামূলক ছোট গল্প গুলিতে ফিরে আসুন।   সোবেরানো   ও   তার   মেয়ে ,  সহকারী   কমিশনার   জ্যোতি সেগুলি কেবল আত্মার জন্য একটি ইন্টারনেট আলিঙ্গন পাওয়ার মতো পড়ছে তা নয় , আপনার জন্য একটি ধারণা বা কোনও পরিবর্তনের জন্ম দিতে পারে। পড়ুন এবং ভালো লাগলে শেয়ার   করতে ভুলবেন না।   বাংলা জীবন সম্পর্কে সেরা প্রেরণামূলক ছোট গল্প   1. আসামের তিনসুকিয়া জেলায় ঘটে যাওয়া একটি বাস্তব জীবনের গল্প।   সোবেরানো নামে এক সবজি বিক্রেতা তার সবজির ঠেলা ঠেলে বাড়ি যাচ্ছিলেন   , হঠাৎ তিনি ঝোপঝাড়ের মধ্যে   কাঁদতে থাকা এক   বাচ্চার শব্দ শুনেছেন সোবেরানো ঝোপের কাছে গিয়ে দেখলেন একটি শিশু আবর্জনার স্তূপে শুয়ে কাঁদছে।   সোবেরানো চারপাশে তাকাচ্ছিল , কিছুক্ষণ

মিয়া খলিফা MIYA KHALIFA

MIYA KHALIFA মিয়া খলিফা   মিয়া খলিফার জীবনের অজানা অনেক তথ্য।    মিয়া খলিফার উপার্জন কত? আরও অনেক তথ্য।  mia-khalifa-bangla